Surgery of Mammary Reduction


Type: Surgical


Duration: 45min


Complexity: 3 of 5

Surgery Goals

The breasts play an important part in the feminine sexuality. The aesthetic result obtained with this surgery is extremely positive, under the point of view of the woman’s psycho-physiologic well-being.

It reduces big and heavy breasts, seeking to solve discomforts and physical problems – pains in the shoulder, neck and backs.

Main Aspects

It also corrects the form and flabbiness of the breasts, reducing the amount of grooves.

In case the patient wants, the nipple can also be repositioned and eventually reduce its size.

The surgery tries to balance the breast’s volume with the size of the thorax seeking an aesthetically harmonic effect.

Vascularization damages and loss of sensibility of the breasts don’t exist, except in certain techniques of gigantomasties reduction.

In most of the reductions the used technique is the vertical scar (smaller scars).Facing gigantomasties, it can be necessary to use “inverted T” scar techniques (larger scars).

Pre and Postoperative Care

The suspension of medication is recommended, mainly those that contain salicylic acetyl acid (they change the time of bleeding and coagulation).

Ten days before: interruption of the smoking and consumption of alcoholic drinks.

Any alteration in the patient’s physical state (influenzas, colds, period, etc.) should be communicated to the doctor.

It is advised absolute fast, in the previous day, starting midnight.

The used anaesthesia is general or local associated to sedation.

The definitive result appears between the 6th and 18th month.

The discharge happens in the same day of the surgery, when the local anaesthesia is chosen.

A special bra should be used between 60 and 90 days, without interruptions.

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