Nose Plastic surgery


Tipo: Surgical


Duração: 45min


Complexidade: 3 de 5

Surgery Goals

It seeks the aesthetic balance between the nose and the face, preserving its naturalness.

Main Aspects

This surgery doesn’t leave apparent scars. It should only be accomplished after the age of 14, when the cartilaginous constitution of the nose is complete.

It can be used in agreement with the patient’s need, with combination of grafts, scratchings and/or fractures.

A considerable part of rinoplasties doesn’t need the use of noseplug and plaster.

Accomplished with light sedation and local anaesthesia, it lasts about 90 minutes, with the patient’s discharge in same day. In selected cases, it can be accomplished with general anaesthesia.

Cuidados Pré e Pós Operatórios

The surgical planning should always be made of common agreement among doctor and patient.

Until that the longed for result is gotten, edemas, ecchymosis, eyes swelling and sensation of obstructed nose is the intercurrences of postoperative.

The solar exposure is only allowed after 90 days.


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