Ear correction surgery


Type: Surgical


Duration: 45min


Complexity: 2 of 5

Surgical Goals

It is an imperfection and not a defect once it doesn’t harm the function.

It is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries accomplished in the childhood, since that generating scorn by other children can cause marks in the child’s behaviour and psychic development.

Main Aspects

It is suggested to accomplish the procedure among the age of 5 to 7 as an ideal age, once the ear will already be totally formed and almost equal to an adult’s size.

The scars are practically invisible, since they are located behind the ear, in the furrow formed between the ear and the skull.

The anaesthesia is local, associated, or not, to a light sedation.

Other defects that associated to hearing problems can be corrected starting the age of 6, when the child can already do by audiometry tests.

Pre and Postoperative Care

The postoperative is usually painless and a common painkiller can put an end to any displeasure.

The bandage is made with a strip to protect the operated ears and to avoid any traumatism during the first 7 days.

The stitches are removed between the 7th and 14th day.

Right in the first bandage, already can be noticed 70% of the result and after 90 days the result is already definitive.

Even so, it is recommended the use of an elastic strip that should be put only to sleep,replika óra webáruház for 30 days after the stitches removal.

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