Plastic surgery of the Chin


Type: Surgical


Duration: 45 minutos


Complexity: 2 of 5

Surgery Goals

The chin is one of the main points of reference in the aesthetic study of the face.

A chin well positioned is fundamental for the face harmony. It should be in balance with mouth, nose and forehead.

Main Aspects

The mentoplasty is the most common type of chin’s cosmetic surgery. It is the correction of the retracted chin (back) through the placement of silicon prosthesis, between the bone and the chin muscles.

The scar can be internal (inside the mouth), or a small incision in the inferior part of the chin.

The anaesthesia is usually local, with or without sedation depending on the case.

Abrupt changes should not occur in the patient’s physiognomy, just a better balance, maintaining his personal characteristics.

A study is accomplished to choose the prosthesis size.

Silicon, in its solid form, has been used in the plastic surgery for more than 25 years with success. It is inoffensive to the organism in its solid and gelatinous form, without cancerous action.

The rare cases of rejection are provoked by traumatisms, haemorrhages or infections occurred in the postoperative.

The cheekbones prostheses surgeries work the same as for the chins, and the postoperative and bandage cares are same. The only change is the format of the prostheses, once in the cheekbones is necessary a pair of them.


Pre and Postoperative Care

The postoperative is painless, just requiring special cares as for hygiene, mainly when the incision is inside the mouth.

During that period, the feeding by way of soups, juices, vitamins, purées, etc., is recommended, without intense mastication that can hinder the prosthesis fixation.

Is used to bandage, with the purpose of maintaining the prosthesis fastened in place, which maintains during 10 to 15 days.

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