Liposuction / Liposculpture


Type: Surgical


Duration: 45min


Complexity: 2 of 5

Surgery Goals


To remove the fat excess through a vacuum aspiration system.

To model the body through minimum incisions.


To take advantage of the fat removed by the liposuction to improve the outline of several areas of the body:

Furrows of the face, modelling of the cheeks, chin and lip, to thicken legs, to fill out the emptiness among the thighs, to increase and or lift buttocks and breasts, etc.

Major Aspects


In spite of being a treatment of easy accomplishment, the Liposuction doesn’t have space for adventurers that just seek the financial return. The cares with the principles that guide the cosmetic surgery and selected techniques are the warranty for a good final result.

After many operated cases and with the accumulated experience, a technique standardization was reached:

– It is recommended to be used for located fat removal.
– It will not be removed more than 3 litters in each procedure.
– The patient should do all necessary preoperative exams.

In Portugal, the Liposuction had a great acceptance and today it is one of the most performed cosmetic surgeries.

The most correct is to operate not very old patients, who don’t have a lot of flabbiness and with located fat.

Certain cellulite types with great amount of fat can be treated with superficial liposuction with very good aesthetic results.

The liposuction is not the solution for cellulite, there is just a great improvement.

The liposuction is accomplished with a liposuction device, and attended with ultrasound and or vibratory motor.

It is done with local, general or epidural anaesthesia. When chosen for local anaesthesia it is usually complemented of sedation, according to the extension of the area to be aspirated.

The patient is delivered in the same day and the duration of the procedure has on average 1 hour long.


The advantage is that the substances injected, for being part of the same organism, they don’t cause rejection.

Some of the transferred fat, with time, ends being absorbed.

The Liposuction and Liposculpture when well indicated and having the patient’s collaboration, they give excellent results.

Pre and postoperative care


Correct clinical investigations, knowledge on previous surgeries, adverse reactions to drugs or medication, laboratorial exams are indispensable.

To reduce smoking, to stop drinking, to do walks and fast on the day before the surgery is important for the good result of the operation.

The surgery provokes edemas and during the postoperative the broken greasy cells with the procedure will be eliminated.

The use of belt or compressive strip without interruption in the 2 months after the operation support the accommodation of the skin and helps to reduce the edemas, besides to accelerate and improve the quality of the results.

Until 3rd week the ecchymosis that may appear in the operated area disappear.

Avoid solar rays exposure to the maximum in the operated areas for 60 days. After this period the exposure should be gradual, with use of solar protector indicated by the doctor.

Light physical exercises should be initiated starting the 8th postoperative day, always with medical orientation.

After the discharge, it is fundamental the patient’s care for not gaining weight.


Correct clinical investigations, knowledge on previous surgeries, adverse reactions to drugs or medication, laboratorial exams are indispensable.

Besides being less onerous, it doesn’t request immobilization and its recovery is very much faster than a surgical procedure for the same purpose.

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