Facial Aesthetics: Deep Plane and Beyond

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Facial Aesthetics: Deep Plane and Beyond

Practical cadaver course with the masters! June 27-28, at the Faculty of Medicine in Porto.

Fonte: https://qmp.com/meeting/Facial-Aesthetics:-Deep-Plane-and-Beyond-Cadaver-Course/235/details

Hands-on Cadaver Course With the Masters!

At the invitation of QMP, I, Dr. António Conde, and Dr. Luis Azevedo, are the hosts of the course “Facial Aesthetics: Deep Plane and Beyond”, which will take place on June 27-28 at the Faculty of Medicine of Porto.

This cadaveric dissection course for facial aesthetic surgery features a world-renowned faculty, where you will learn the latest techniques in the field.

Participants will be able to attend lectures, presentations, discussions and participate in question and answer sessions. The highlight of the course will be the demonstrations given by the experts.

Don’t miss this opportunity! We’re counting on you!

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