Type: Surgical


Duration: 90min


Complexity: 3 of 5

Surgery Goals

To give to the patient a younger appearance, minimizing the action of the time effects over the skin, fat and muscles, as furrows, wrinkles and flaccidity, restoring the beauty lost through the years and assuring a natural aspect without the appearance of a stretched “skin “.

Main Aspects

Treatment of the facial musculature and neck: essential to keep the normal expressions as well as the continuity of the hair line, so that an unpleasant aspect doesn’t allow the use of short hair.

Frequently, the Surgery of Rejuvenation is associated to Blefaroplasty (surgery of the eyelids) and to the Liposuction of the cervical fat, to obtain better results.

The patient needs to know that surgery can delay but not interrupt the aging process. The psychological effects are quite positive for the patient.

The patient can feel depression or anxiety by the first months. In this phase the patience is essential, since the final result will only be observed after 3 months at least.

The scars are hidden in the scalp and in the lines and natural folds of the skin.

The most common type of anaesthesia is the local one, associated to the sedation, although also the general anaesthesia is used.

Pains rarely happen, but if they occur, a common anaesthetic solves the problem.

Ecchymosis and edema are common and they disappear progressively, as well as eventual stretchiness sensations and face and neck insensibility.

Preoperative and Postoperative Care

In very difficult cases this is the suitable option, as for instance when there are very deep acne scars.
It can be allied to the chemical process to improve the results. This peeling type has lost space for laser peeling.


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