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Dr. António Conde: A Voice of Expertise in the Media

Explore a curated selection of Dr. António Conde’s appearances on national TV and other media platforms. Discover insightful discussions on the advancements in plastic surgery, the importance of safety and expertise, and why choosing a clinic located within hospital grounds, like ours, ensures the highest standard of care.

Plastic Surgery at Hospital Lusíadas Porto

Surgeon António Conde, coordinator of the Plastic Surgery Unit at Hospital Lusíadas Porto, presents his team’s work: “Plastic surgery is much more than changing an image, it is bringing happiness to those who seek us and to those who trust us. “

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Video Spot - Geração Saúde with Dr. António Conde, Coordinator of the Plastic Surgery Unit, Hospital da Boavista

Dr. António Conde discusses the criticality of choosing an accredited specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery. He stresses the importance of verifying a surgeon’s experience and the value of a trust-based doctor-patient relationship, advising patients to play an active role in selecting their surgeon for the best outcomes.

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Lúcia's Story with Fátima Lopes

Mammoplasty and Abdominoplasty. Follow the before and after.

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The challenges of plastic surgery after significant weight loss

Plastic surgeon António Conde in interview to understand the aesthetic challenges after significant weight loss. Abdominoplasty is one of the most frequent and most complex surgeries.

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From in-depth interviews to engaging talk show segments, browse through an extensive collection of Dr. Conde’s media appearances. Discover his contributions to the discourse on plastic surgery and his vision for patient care and safety.

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