Clinical Case Study:
Marlene's Path to Elegance with Rhinoplasty

Discover Marlene Simões’ transformative journey at 19, as she achieves a refined, feminine profile through Rhinoplasty with Dr. António Conde. This case study highlights the evolution from her preoperative concerns to the exquisite, natural results post-surgery.

Patient Background

Marlene Simões, aware of the aesthetic imbalance caused by the dorsal curvature and bulbosity of her nasal tip, sought a solution that would harmonize her facial features. Aimed at addressing these concerns, Marlene placed her trust in the renowned expertise of Dr. António Conde to perform her Rhinoplasty procedure.

The Procedure

Rhinoplasty - Nose Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty presented an opportunity for Marlene to correct the convex curvature along the dorsal portion of her nose and refine the shape of her nasal tip. Dr. Conde’s surgical plan focused on achieving a subtle lift of the nasal tip while reducing its bulbosity, aiming for a result that enhances Marlene’s natural beauty without overt alteration.

Preoperative Concerns

  • Convexity of the nasal dorsum: A disproportionate increase in nasal volume on the face.
  • Nasal Tip Bulbosity: Excess volume at the nasal tip contributed to a less refined appearance.
  • Desire for Femininity: Marlene wished for a nose that complemented her facial features more femininely and elegantly.

Postoperative Outcomes

  • Dorsal Hump Correction: The surgery successfully smoothed the dorsal contour, eliminating the concave appearance.
  • Nasal Tip Refinement: Marlene’s nasal tip was delicately reshaped and lifted, achieving a more defined and feminine look.
  • Natural, Harmonious Appearance: Post-surgery, Marlene enjoys a beautifully balanced profile that enhances her natural beauty without appearing ‘done.’

Marlene's Journey

At just 19, Marlene Simões embraced the transformative power of Rhinoplasty, guided by Dr. António Conde’s meticulous approach. The subtle yet impactful modifications to her nasal structure have significantly boosted Marlene’s self-esteem, allowing her to face the world with renewed confidence and grace.

Reflections from Marlene

“Dr. Conde turned my dream into reality. The subtle changes to my nose have made a world of difference to my face. I feel more feminine and confident. The entire experience, from consultation to recovery, was seamless, and the results speak for themselves—I’ve never felt more beautiful.”


Marlene Simões’ clinical case is a testament to the artistry and precision of Rhinoplasty when performed by a skilled surgeon like Dr. António Conde. Through careful planning and execution, Marlene achieved a natural, refined appearance that aligns perfectly with her aesthetic goals, exemplifying the potential for cosmetic surgery to enhance one’s innate beauty.

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Please note: “Marlene Simões” is a fictional name used for this clinical case study. All patient details have been created for illustrative purposes to showcase the potential outcomes of the procedure. Actual patient experiences and results may vary. Our commitment to patient privacy and confidentiality remains paramount.

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