Baldness Surgery – Micrografts


Type: Surgical


Duration: 45min


Complexity: 3 of 5

Surgery Goals

To bring back the patient’s hair, after the solution of organic, metabolic or other causes, using transplant techniques more and more natural.

Main Aspects

It demands the same attention given to other diseases, once it reaches thousands of men and women in Portugal.

It is a hereditary (genetic) problem and related to the genre – more frequent in men.

The signs can happen in the adolescence or just in more advanced ages.

Studies show other causes for the loss of hair: nervous, metabolic and dermatological diseases or radiotherapy exposure.

Aggravating circumstance: use of caps and hats that don’t allow the appropriate oxygenation and aeration of the scalp in stuffy places.

The use of wigs for who is losing or has not much hair is another harmful measure.

There are several outdated techniques (punch, rotation of scraps, skin expansor) that result in an artificial aesthetic appearance and with less good results.


The transplant through mini and micrografts is, until today, what produces more satisfactory results. In baldness less extensive with only 1 surgery are obtained excellent results.

It consists in the removal of a strip of scalp of the donor area, which is sliced in grafts with 1 to 3 threads each one, that are transplanted individually to the receiving area.

For cases of more extensive baldness, there is the possibility of accomplishing 2 or 3 stages varying according to the extension and the area donor, with an interval of 3 months, on average.

Local anaesthesia and sedation are used so the patient remains relaxed.

For being a complex surgery, it takes on average from 3 to 5 hours long, being the procedure accomplished by a 5 people team.

Preoperative and Postoperative Care

Reduce smoking, alcoholic drinks, medications, mainly the ones that contain salicylic acetyl acid, for 15 days before the surgery.

To wash the head with antiseptic soap prescribed by the doctor 2 days before the operation.

A strap is made with strip, type turban that is removed 2 days after.

In the 2nd day after the surgery the edema already begins to disappear, once it is taken some cares, as not to lower the head and to sleep with it elevated for some days and having the recommended medication.

With the removal of the strap, the patients return their normal activities.

Scabs are common, but they disappear with the daily washes, and after the 15th day appear.

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