aesthetic transformation

The surgical combinations most chosen

Among the most requested combined surgeries are:

– Augmentation mammoplasty + body liposculpture and / or abdominoplasty;
– Reduction mammaplasty + abdominoplasty;
– Blepharoplasty + liposuction;
– Rhinoplasty + liposculpture;
– Eyelid surgery + correction of neck flaccidity;
– Liposuction + buttock augmentation;
– Chemical peeling + face surgery.

The combinations of plastic surgery, with an adequate preoperative evaluation and clinical conditions compatible with surgical time, are more practical and economically advantageous for the patient, always taking into account the issues of safety, well-being and aesthetic results.


– Only one pre and one postoperative.

– Economic benefit, the costs are lower.

– Administration of only one anesthesia.

– Postoperative care is the same as for plastic surgeries when performed separately.

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