Rejuvenating Beauty, Restoring Youthfulness

Embrace a refreshed and youthful appearance with Dr. António Conde’s facelift procedure. Tailored to reverse signs of aging, our facelift ensures natural results, enhancing your inherent beauty without altering your unique expressions.

Introduction to Facelift

A facelift by Dr. António Conde meticulously addresses the signs of aging — from wrinkles and sagging to loss of muscle tone — rejuvenating your face and neck to reflect your inner vitality. This procedure harmonizes aesthetic enhancements with your natural features, promising a younger look that respects the continuity of your hairline and facial expressions.




Approximately 90 minutes


Goals of Facelift

Procedure Details

Pre and Postoperative Care


  • Detailed preparation instructions will be provided to ensure optimal outcomes.


  • Minor discomfort is expected, manageable with over-the-counter pain relief.
  • Swelling, bruising, and temporary sensation changes are normal, gradually improving over time.


  • Initial results visible shortly after surgery, with the final outcome emerging after at least 3 months, showcasing a significant yet natural enhancement.

Common Q&A

No, the facelift is designed to enhance your natural beauty, not change your fundamental appearance. It rejuvenates your face while maintaining your unique expressions.

Recovery varies, with most patients resuming normal activities within a few weeks. Complete healing and final results are appreciated after 3 months.

Yes, facelifts are often performed alongside eyelid surgery or neck liposuction for more comprehensive results. Dr. Conde tailors each procedure to meet your specific aesthetic goals.

Before and After Facelift

Explore the transformative results achieved through Dr. António Conde’s facelift procedures. Our gallery showcases the natural and youthful outcomes our patients enjoy.


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