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Unlock the secret to a younger, more vibrant appearance with blepharoplasty by Dr. António Conde. This delicate procedure corrects eyelid concerns, enhancing both beauty and vision.

Introduction to Blepharoplasty

Dr. António Conde expertly performs blepharoplasty to address the signs of aging around the eyes. This procedure corrects sagging skin, fat bulges, and muscular flaccidity, rejuvenating your look while preserving the eyelids’ functional integrity. Discover how this transformative surgery can brighten and beautify your eyes.




Approximately 45 to 90 minutes


Goals of Blepharoplasty

Procedure Details

Pre and Postoperative Care

Postoperative Experience

  • Typically painless, with detailed care instructions provided to ensure a smooth recovery.

Scarring and Healing

  • Scars are well-concealed within the eye’s natural folds, gradually maturing over three months.
  • Makeup can be used after the first week to conceal any temporary discoloration.

Postoperative Precautions

  • Avoid direct sunlight and wear dark glasses for the first month to protect the sensitive area and ensure optimal healing.

Swelling Reduction:

  • Swelling begins to subside after the fourth day, gradually revealing the final results.

Common Q&A

Most patients can resume their routine activities within a week, with specific guidelines provided for eye care and exposure to sunlight.

Incisions are carefully placed in the eyelid’s natural folds, making scars virtually undetectable once fully healed.

While blepharoplasty results are long-lasting, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and skin care regimen can help preserve your refreshed appearance.

Before and After Blepharoplasty

See the transformative effects of blepharoplasty through our gallery of satisfied patients, showcasing the natural and rejuvenating outcomes achieved.

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