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We are a team specialized in Plastic Surgery (Aesthetic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery), that is at your disposal every day to help find the best solution for your case.
Plastic Surgery is a unique medical specialty to reach your goals and means, distinguishing from the other surgical specialties, because of the versatility and ingenuity of the restitution in the patient, the relation morphology/ functionality is the closest to normality
Sometimes, it is an ungrateful task talking about the reconstruction of a certain flaw, congenital or acquired, that can not have a harmonious balance between the morphologic and functional aspects, or even appreciation and perception of the patient that was not achieved.
Despite of the reconstruction, usually being the common denominator of the entire surgical procedure, the Plastic Surgery (from the Greek ‘plaissen’, which means mold or shape) it is the pre-eminence of reconstruction, articulating the medical scientific knowledge with the plastic artistic sensitivity of the executant.
Dichotomy Aesthetics Surgery/ Reconstructive Surgery, are two faces of the same coin, which means that is not possible to face the solution of the aesthetic flaw without having solid knowledge and experience in reconstructive surgery procedures.
That is the reason why Aesthetic Surgery can only be performed with absolute confidence by the Plastic Surgeon expertise in Reconstructive Surgery.

In today’s world, body image is increasingly important, determining and conditioning behaviors, not always filtered by consciousness. A deformity without important functional or aesthetic repercussions, thus being judged by common sense, can for the patient reach a magnitude of unimaginable dimensions.
These aspects are even more pertinent in the patient with aesthetic alterations, so that the Plastic Surgeon is required to have a solid preparation both from the technical point of view (appreciation and diagnosis of the aesthetic deformity and its treatment) and, in particular, from the point of view of the understanding of all the psychological aspects that are almost always involved in these cases.

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