Abdomen Cosmetic surgery


Type: Surgical


Duration: 45min


Complexity: 2 of 5

Surgery Goals

To improve the aspect of the abdomen restoring to the patient his corporal outline through the removal of skin excess and greasy tissue from inferior part of the abdomen (Abdominal Dermolipectomy).

The Objective is not to reach the perfection but to reduce the problem.


Main Aspects

This surgery reinforces the muscles of the area and stimulates a larger tonicity of the abdominal wall, as well as of the skin that was stretched out.

Do not misunderstand surgery with obesity treatment (in spite of having weight reduction after the surgery, since fat and amounts of skin are removed).

What defines the result of this surgery is not the possible weight loss, but the new figure that the patient will win.

The results are as more satisfactory as larger are the amounts of excess skin removed.

The most common type of anaesthesia used is the general or epidural coordinated with sedation.

Due to incision made, the navel will be transposed and remodelled if necessary.


Pre & Postoperative Care

Do not to take salicylic acetyl acid in previous 10 days of the surgery (it harms the time of coagulation).

Medication to lose weight are also forbidden (they change the effect of sedatives); diuretic should also be avoided (they can reduce the arterial pressure).

It should also be communicated to the doctor any change in the patient’s physical state (influenzas, colds, etc.).

It is advised no ingestion of alcoholic drinks and smoking reduction 7 days before the operation.

The postoperative is usually painless and the medium time of internment is 48 hs.A strap should be used for 90 days.

The following day the patient should get up of the bed, alternating periods in the lying and seating position.

During the first 21 days it is recommended to walk with the body trunk lightly curved forward and to take short steps.replicas omega In that period it should be avoided to climb long stairways.

For 60-90 days, a strap should be used.

In a maximum of 6 months, the edema and the sensibility lack in the place disappear.

The final result appears after 6 to 12 months.


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